Ultrasonic Welding Machine

HU-2000-8 Ultrasonic Punching Machine

Ultrasonic Punching Machine
HU-2000-8 is easy to operate and not necessary for computer to design the roller patterns. You just change the rollers and then set up new rollers into this machine. There are many varieties of rollers in combination; therefore, you can choose many kinds of your favorite rollers for this machine. The HU-2000-8 is an efficient punching machine. All rollers can run to punch the fabricsat the same time. The speed of production is faster than laser cutting machines in 100 times. This machine is of advantage to investors. The maximum wide of HU-2000-8 is 1560mm It is combined by 8 rollers of 200mm. This machine can be cutting and embossing from 50mm to 1560mm wide

Electrical specification
By customer's request
(Voltage, phase & Hertz)
Operating frequency
Max. output
1800W x 8
Welding width
Sealing speed
Machine dimension
Air compressor
Weight of machine
1750 KG  
Total charge
20 KW