Ultrasonic Welding Machine

Company Profile

Our Company was set up in 1973, has devoted on R&D and manufacturing for the pleating machine complete production equipment for variety of fabrics, leather, non-woven .... etc., available for fabric, curtains, bedspreads, table cloths’ pleating and air / water filter, machine, machine surface protective cover & curtains folding machines and other equipment. Our equipment has sold around the world. Our company has already approached into the 40th year, and obtained customer praise and industry deeply.

In 1998, we took the lead adding the computer control combined of pleating with the use of special die, presented changeable and varied processing cloth pattern on texture quality. Breakthrough thinking more in 2002, successfully developed a unique technology ultrasound comprehensive holes and officially launched HU-2000-8 ultrasonic lace holes professional models, and now many customers from Europe, America, Japan and other countries ....... have already adopted and very good reflection.

Our company specializes in the production as below:

(1). Fabric after-processing equipment series: fabric folding machine, diamond pattern pleating machine.

(2). 3D folding machine package of equipment, such as curtains, air and water filters,special folding machine, and another machine tools, machine protective cover folding units, in addition to our traditional hand-dimensional folding machine folding height adjustment, and another computer automatically folding height adjustment.

(3). Ultrasonic lace working series: Ultrasonic lace hole punching machine, Ultrasonic welding machine & slitting machines and other latest equipment.

In order to expand our service and constant innovation, we appropriated much fund and effort to put into the continuing development of equipment and machinery. For providing the best new products to our customer. Hence, sincerely welcome you to visit the factory and comments.