Ultrasonic Welding Machine

HU-89 Computer-Controlled Pleating Machine

Computer-Controlled Pleating Machine

1. 30 minutes to learn the thorough operation. 30 seconds to
    complete the pattern variation.

2. Pattern can be chosen from the pattern selector where marks
    indicated are identiacal to the formation of pleating pattern.

3. Pattern, number and position of pleats can be set according
    to ones own ideas anddesigns.

4. Automatic positioning ability which enables the required
    pleat(s) at any surface length on the pleating material.


Standard equip:
1. Computer control system 2. Main reversible motor
3. Auto temp, control system 4. Oil-filled main roller
5. Colling table 6. Pattern wheel system for jacquard pleat

Optional equip:
1. Auto paper feeding system ( upper & lower )
2. Auto rewinding system
3. Crane roller for changing blanket belt
Elec. specification
voltage & phases, available
Motor power
Tubular heater
Power consumption
N.C.space pleating width
Pleating depth
2MM to 35MM
Pleating width
2MM to 600MM
Pleating speed
15~150 M /1MIN Machine dimension (L)3330,(W)1780,(H)1740mm
Gross weight