Ultrasonic Welding Machine

HU-605 Computer-Controlled Pleating Machine With Jacquard Roller
Computer-Controlled Pleating Machine With Jacquard Roller
1. Pattern can be chosen from the pattern selector marks indicated are indentical
    to the forwation ofpleating.
2. Multiple sectional pattern variation produces thousands of fancy design.
3. Pattern number and position of pleats can be set according to one’s own ideas and
4. Pleat patterns have been input into the computer but can be instantly codified.
5. 30 minutes to learn the thorough operation, 30 seconds to complete the pattern
6. Any kinds of patterns designs can be made without changing of pleating knife.
7. Thanks to the automatic stopping device, it can pleat any piece of cloth at ones
    desired length.
8. Function of the automatic positioning can satisfy the pleats requirement at any
    length of surface of pleating material.
9. Number of pleat(s) directly input from numberical key.
10. Sequence of patterns directly displayed from sesequence indicatator.
11. Adop high reliability and simple maintenance.
12. Automatically indicate during abnormal operation.suitable from any kinds of
     working environment, not necessary to have an air-conditioned room

  Standard equip:
1. Computer control system 2. Main reversible motor
3. Auto temp. Control system 4. Oil-filled main roller
5. Colling table 6. Patten wheel system for jacquard pleat

Optional equip:
1. Auto paper feeding system ( upper & lower )
2. Auto rewinding system
3. Crane roller for changing blanket belt

Electrical specification
Voltage & phases, available
Motor power
Tubular heater
Max. temperature
Working width
Pleating depth
Pleating width
Pleating speed
15 – 150 M/1MIN
Machine dimension
Gross weight