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HU-606 Sun-Ray Pleating Machine

Sun-Ray Pleating Machine
uang universal have developed Hu-606 sunray pleating machine after sveral yers research & testing. The machine is fully equipped with auto pneumatic control system electric heating & cooling system. For easy operation & perfect pleating. It is suitable for all kinds of textile in various specifications. T herefore, the machine has been gihly recommended and welcomed by all garment manufactures

Max. Outside/min. Inside circusferenceis 2,170 mm andmax pleating lengh 900mm can meet all customers?? demands. Special spec. Can offer at order too.
The machine has auto temp. Control system can maintain coostant temp. After presetting. Max temp. 400c can provide the best pleating status. The machine can pleat various designs just by adjusting elevating device & interval requlator. Time & labor saving cloth pushing & pressing devices can provide easy feeding & discharging of cloth.
The machine has high-performance auto pneumatic control system can provide accurate operation. High production and easy maintenance.
Standard equip:
1. Cloth spreader disc 2. Disc support
3. Cloth feeder 4. Pleating knives set
5. Outside round-pleating adjustor 6. Inside round-pleating adjustor
7. Pleating interval adjustor 8. Electric hlaters
9. Cooling blowers 10. Discharging device
11. Start/stop unit for cloth spreader disc. 12. Cloth press
13. Cloth deposit table 14. Floor type control box


Working pressure
Electric heating-plates
Production capacity
Total consumption
Power supply control box
220V, 50/60HZ
Cloth disc reversible motor
1/8HP, 1PH, 110/220,50/60
Cooling blower
1/8HP. 1PH. 110/220V. 50/60
7-1/2PH, 220V, 50/60HZ, 3PH
Machine dimension
Net weight