Ultrasonic Welding Machine

HU-240L Sun-Blinds Pleating Machine
Sun-Blinds Pleating Machine  
The Hu-240L sun-blinds pleating machines have been developed to a special machine for sun blinds. There sun blind with horizontal accordion pleats replace the rather expansive vertical sun blinds, besides of the sun protection it is possible that other materials pleated on this machine can alsoserved as insect protection.
The new Hu-240L is produced in the standard working width of 1000mm but also in special width such as 600, 1600, 2000 and 2400mm. The machines in 2400mm width also have a new design. The machines is equipped with special, exact regulary working material unrolling device. Technical data of the machines aregiven on demand, as they may vary considerately depending on the equipment ( depends on materials ) and the width.


Standard equip:
1.Top/bottom heatingtables for cloth feeding ( include separate temp. Control system )
2.Top/bottom heating & forming system 3.Top/bottom pleating knives
4.Colling table 5.Ac reversible motor
6.Pleat counter 7.Control box

Operation temp
Pre-heating heater
Pleats forming heater
Working speed
20-120 pleat/min
Machine dimension
Pleating width
Net weight